Sneak Peek: Exciting OTT Releases in January 2024

OTT Releases in January: The start of a New Year sparks a surge of excitement in the world of entertainment, particularly in the fields of movies and web series. Besides that, the ever-developing OTT space has become a focal point of attention and its approach for 2024 appears incredibly promising. Although January has a distinct cast and engaging plot, it is set to clear the way for a crowd of shows across streaming platforms, showcasing talented actors and attracting narratives.

Meanwhile, a rush of theatrical releases from the past few months is making their way to digital platforms. Apart from this, for those who eagerly undertake a thrilling viewing journey, here’s a list of upcoming OTT Releases of January 2024, setting the tone for an exciting year ahead.

Upcoming OTT Releases in January 2024

1. Animal

The blockbuster hit Animal Movie plot, which took the cinematic world by storm in 2023 with its passionate portrayal of the toxic relationship between a father and son, is OTT Released in January. The editing team is currently working on the digital version of the film, expected to debut on Netflix, although the exact date is unknown.

2. Sam Bahadur

The biography of Sam Bahadur, which narrates the life of India’s first field Marshal, received praise from both critics and audiences upon its theatrical release last month. The movie premier is set to release on Republic Day on the OTT platform. The Sam Bahadur review, however, shows that it’s not just a movie; it’s an experience. Meanwhile, it’s a journey through the heart of Indian history, a plot that will leave you with goosebumps and a revived sense of pride in your country.

3. Indian Police Force

Rohit Shetty, well known for his cop movies on silver screens, is now all set to build up his cop universe into the digital world with the upcoming OTT Releases in January 2024, by the Indian Police Force. Moreover, the series hyped Siddharth Malhotra and featured pivotal roles played by Shilpa Shetty and Vivek Oberoi. Besides this, the series is guaranteed to be hormone-fueled with seven gripping episodes.

4. Dunki

Dunki unfolds as an interesting comedy-drama, narrating the adventure of five friends suppressing dreams of wandering abroad. The plot magnificently weaves through their adventure journey, shedding light on the formidable challenges faced by those who resort to unconventional means to reach desired destinations like Canada, America, Australia and London. Meanwhile, the Dunki box office collection reached an eventual total of Rs 350 crore.

As the film has finally hit the cinemas, fans are suspiciously awaiting details about Dunki’s digital debut. Although no official release has been issued yet, speculation points towards an upcoming OTT Release in January 2024, which will premiere on the digital platform JioCinema. Notably, the filmmaker has yet to provide an official update on the OTT release date and platform, encouraging movie lovers to remain alert regarding this matter.

5. Tiger 3

Tiger 3, the much-awaited film featuring Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif, has faced a delay, leading to doubts about its release on Amazon Prime Video in January. Whereas anticipation for the film has only grown, fans are eager to watch this blockbuster on a digital platform. Apart from that, we had already made the Tiger 3 Collection Prediction that it would reach Rs 500 crore. Tiger 3, despite being a fractured release, collided with the World Cup and had a box office run without a single holiday.

Tiger 3 will be available on OTT in January 2024 and will make its debut on Amazon Prime Video on January 5, 2024. After all, this global release date shows that audiences worldwide can soon enjoy the breathtaking narrative and lusty action sequence that Tiger 3 promises.

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OTT Releases in January: The New Year will bring a plethora of content to the world of OTT platforms. Notable releases from the past few months promise to involve impressive performances. Besides this, from Ranbir Kapoor’s aggressive role in Animal to the action sequence in Salman Khan, each offers a different cinematic experience and drama. So forget about New Year’s resolutions and make plans to watch all the exciting shows and movies hitting the OTT platform. If you would like to know more about cinematic content, then turn to AskUpdates.

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