Merry Christmas OTT Release Date: विजय सेतुपति और कैटरीना कैफ की फिल्म इस दिन आएंगे ओटीटी पर

Merry Christmas OTT Release Date: Merry Christmas movie filmed in both languages Hindi and Tamil at the same time showcasing its inclusive appeal. Merry Christmas movie boasts a stellar cast with Ashwini Kalsekar and Radhika Apte playing important roles.
On the other hand in Hindi versions, audiences can also look forward to performances from Vinay Pathak, Pratima Kazmi, Sanjay Kapoor, as well as Tinnu Anand.

Merry Christmas OTT Release Date:

Merry Christmas after a make longer of expectations the as soon as possible wait thriller Merry Christmas starring Vijay Sethupathi and Katrina Kaif at the end finally hit the theatres on January 12, 2024.

Merry Christmas is a romance thriller movie by Sriram Raghavan as well as Katrina Kaif, Vijay Sethupathi, Sanjay Kapoor, Pratima Kannan, and Ashwini Kalsekar.
After all stage runs, fans actively anticipated as well as released Monte’s charge. After that theatrical run, fans were actively anticipating its release on the OTT platform.
For the most part, Merry Christmas is set to first show on Netflix likely around the 8th of March 2024.

Merry Christmas Review

A thriller, a suspense drama, a murder mystery, as well as a twisted tale of love. Merry Christmas is not fair about the unusual pairing of two very distinct actors. The movie goes far and beyond and immerses in a world of deception, death and darkness.

On the positive side, the total domestic Merry Christmas Movie Collection at Rs 12.53 crore. On the other hand, the movie has managed to mint Rs 16 crore where Rs 2.5 crore are kept from overseas markets Rs 13.5 crore gross can be attributed to as well domestic box office collection.

The film was allegedly made with a Merry Christmas Budget of about Rs 60 crores, earning both Hindi and Tamil versions. So it’s too early to call the movie a definite hit, as well as the positive signs from its opening day and assumption of ongoing success in the following weeks on the other world position Merry Christmas as a potential box-office winner.
As well as Merry Christmas Rating IMDb – 7.8/10.

Dialogues are Not Exceptional and Actors

Merry Christmas story co-written by Raghavan onwards with Arjit Biswas, Anukriti Panday as well as Pooja Ladha and fast moves from one end to another. The main thing is Vijay delivers not have many of the funniest one-liners as a gamble face on the positive side it leaves with a lot of smiles.
On the other hand, After all the villains in Jawan, seeing him in this calm avatar is quite refreshing.

Merry Christmas Music

The Merry Christmas movie song is composed by Pritam. Pritam making a Tamil debut. For the most part, the first single titled Merry Christmas Title track that was released as well as on 25 December 2023. The second song is Nazar Teri Toofan and it was released on January 4, 2024.


Merry Christmas is a 2024 one of the most Indian mystery thriller films directed by Sriram Raghavan and starring Katrina Kaif and Vijay Sethupathi. As shown above, it was filmed in two languages: Hindi as well as Tamil AskUpdates

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