Lakshadweep Best Tourist Places Uncovering the Spectacular Beauty Raveler’s Edition

One of the compact Union territories, Lakshadweep is a collection of islands and a fascinating tourist spot for many seaboard lovers around the world. However, it is an enclave of 36 islands and each of them has something to offer you. Therefore, when it comes to Lakshadweep best tourist places, one will end up with a big list. The island has so much to offer from clean beaches and well managed resorts to bumper greenery as well as peaceful vibes. The best part is the multiple water sports and activities in which you can spoil yourself.

When planning a vacation to Lakshadweep, ensure that you don’t trade off on the wonderful experiences. Here are some Lakshadweep tourist places to give thought to, when making your travel plans. Keep rolling down and read along to learn more about them.

Minicoy Island: Go for a Boat Ride

Minicoy Island

The island is also popular as Miliku is one of the leading parts of Lakshadweep best tourist places. However, the island is the main office for all plans for Lakshadweep, or its sister island. Therefore, great for Lakshadweep sightseeing, it has a mind-blowing lighthouse, including many white sand beaches. So if you are searching for an alluring place to go sightseeing in Lakshadweep, Minicoy island is a must-visit.

Kadmat Island

Kadmat Island

Another one of the well-known Lakshadweep historical places is Kadmat Island. However, this cherry red island has exciting marine life. Therefore this island is just barely populated and makes for a huge quiet gateway. This island is rich in marine life, and the basic source of income here is fishing, it’s also a wonderful spot to try some local cuisines. Kadmat Island is popular for snorkeling and deep-sea diving.

Kavaratti Island: Witness Breathtaking Sunset

The white sand and beautiful sunsets make the island of Lakshadweep the best tourist place. However, this peaceful harbor has a surprising amount of greenery as well as plantations. Therefore, Kavaratti Island is a perfect getaway for nature lovers. Each year the city draws the attention of hundreds of foreign tourists who love to sit back and enjoy the scenery. Kavaratti Islands is among the spectacular visiting places in Lakshadweep due to its tranquil aura and peaceful vibe.

Marine Museum: Have a Meet With The Underwater World

If you want to explore Indian islands, this is the place where you can see the wealthiest showcase of marine life and artifacts. However marine museum is among the appealing places to visit in Lakshadweep islands, as it upskills the masses about the importance of aquatic life and has a breathtaking view.

Pitti Bird Sanctuary – While staying in Kalpeni Islands, you can take a small boat to head to Pitti Island. However, it is a compact hidden island located in the middle of nowhere. Therefore this island is clean and beautiful. This dead coral island is among Lakshadweep best tourist places and is home to the most ancient marine life.

Bagram Atoll: The Paradise Like Island

If you also want to know about the things to do in Lakshadweep, then this island is often touched to as a paradise. However, the island is filled with activities for both nature lovers and adventure extremists.
Therefore, you can take part in multiple activities such as hiking, snorkeling, water surfing and so much more. The calm blue water gives a sense of salvation like none other.

Bagram Atoll

Agatti Islands – This island is one of the most available spots in the region. as it has an airport that introduces weekly flights from Kochi airport. However, from the airport, the lagoon beach is a 20-minute drive. Therefore, make sure to try the local cuisines such as smoked tuna fish. This island has multiple options, even if you are a vegetarian. So boycott the Maldives, and indulge yourself in these serene surroundings.

Kiltan Islands: The Colonial Spot

Most traveled from the seaport of Mangalore, this island is popular for its many spots with colonial distinction. However, the city was a point on the trade route between Ceylon and the Persian Gulf. Therefore, this place is located 52 kilometers from the main island of Amini. This island is home to many beautiful reefs as well as lagoons that Lakshadweep has to offer.

When is the appropriate time to visit Lakshadweep?

Lakshadweep is an all year round place to look in, but the best time to visit Lakshadweep is between October and March. However, this time the weather is ideal for sightseeing and other water activities.


Whether it is sea diving, snorkeling or just sitting ideal on the beach, with your feet rolling in the sand, Lakshadweep is considered one of the finest tourist destinations of all time. However, plan your trip to Lakshadweep and make sure to visit all the above mentioned places. Therefore, for the Lakshadweep tourism package, you can visit our website AskUpdates, or you can also phone us on our toll-free number.

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