Jodhpur Jazz Safari 2024: Celebrating Music and Culture in the Blue City

Jodhpur Jazz Safari 2024, the enchanting Blue City of Rajasthan, is set to come alive once again with the melodious tunes of jazz music during the much-awaited Jodhpur Jazz Safari. Therefore, prepare to paint Holi in shades you never visualized and enjoy this upcoming mega event in Rajasthan. The event will last 2 days, from March 24 to March 25, and there will certainly be a variety of programs; prepare for this. So, proceed reading this blog to recognize more information and submerse on your own in the elegance of Rajasthan’s abundant society.

The Jodhpur Jazz & Heritage Safari Short Recap

Occasion NameThe Jodhpur Jazz & Heritage Safari 2024
DurationTwo days (March 24 to March 25)
ProgramsVariety of programs
AddressSafari Club, High Court Colony, Rajasthan 342001
Get in touch with InformationPhone: 098280 32100
Jodhpur Jazz Safari Summary

History of The Jodhpur Jazz Safari & Heritage

Reggie Singh, who has 700 years of imperial ancestry, established Jodhpur Jazz Safari. His family founded Jodhpur, additionally known as the “Blue City,” as a result of the structures’ blue colour. As well as Reggie is popular in Jodhpur and takes pride in the area he calls home. Most of the city’s boutique heritage resorts and Havelis are had and run by relatives or friends.

Reggie is a guy of charm and pep who is continuously excited to share Rajasthan’s rich social legacy with any person who will certainly listen. Nevertheless, in the substantial Thar Desert nearby is Reggie’s Camel Camp Osian, one of the first individuals to present mobile tented camps to India.

Success Report Of First Occasion

Jodhpur Jazz Safari was first presented in 2020, just before the pandemic broke out. And also, due to a bit of a false beginning, it was shelved up until its small revival in 2023. Well, with only six weeks’ notification and last-minute authorization demands, this year’s event, which attracted 350 guests from India and around the world, was an unforeseen success.

Daragh Casey, who co-founded Reggie’s celebration, made use of it to function as a monitoring expert. Adhering to a long day of jumping between corporate headquarters in Sydney and Hong Kong and finishing a huge project, she purchased an open ticket to India. After all, she paid a visit to Reggie’s prominent Mountbatten Lodge, just to locate herself making this her irreversible home. However, that was 5 years ago, and Daragh now oversees operations and hosts the lodge’s several popular guests.

What You Will Notice and Know In The Jodhpur Jazz Safari 2024

The upcoming Jodhpur Jazz & Heritage Safari 2024 will show you the fascinating custom-made practices surrounding Holika Dahan and Holi, directly from both regal households and perky residents.

However, the emphasis of this adventure is the unbelievable Holika burning ceremony in the ancient temple community of Osian. Conventional Rajasthani artists, vocalists, and dancers will certainly take you on an enthralling trip as the night is illuminated by a blazing fire.

Jodhpur Jazz Festival is an exciting mix of occasions that keeps unique street performances, horse-drawn processions, soulful jazz performances and polo suits. Again, here you can appreciate tasty meals prepared by the chieftains and royals of Rajasthan as if that was not sufficient

So, register for this event today to embark on an unbelievable trip that blends the exuberant spirit of Holi with the appeal of Rajasthan’s abundant history, plus a touch of high-end development, to ensure that you return

Occasion NameJodhpur Jazz Safari 2024
Focus of LearningFascinating customs and customs encompassing Holika Dahan and Holi
HighlightHolika melting ceremony in the old holy place town of Osian
PerformancesTraditional Rajasthani performers, musicians, and dancers
ExplorationInvestigation of Rajasthan’s enigmatic and unusual places
Remarkable SitesOld Havelis, historic step-wells, genealogical residences
AccommodationVisit a fortified desert camp
Additional EventsPersonal street parties, cavalcade processions, jazz performances, polo suits
Cooking ExperienceDelectable food prepared by chieftains and imperial family members of Rajasthan
One-of-a-kind BlendBlending the abundant spirit of Holi with the appeal of Rajasthan’s rich history, deluxe, and innovation.

Schedule At The Jodhpur Jazz Safari 2024

The Jodhpur Jazz Safari 2024 will certainly include a variety of programs, so strategy beforehand and appreciate this great event.

24 March | Osian

The night kicks off with a lively desert pool party with DJ defeats, ‘Color Me Pink’ mixed drinks, and scrumptious snacks. At the same time, you can witness the thrilling Holika burning routine, led by priests. Likewise, relish your dinner while paying attention to the band’s music. In the end, Reggie’s Jazz Bar organizes an evening full of shocks and late-night amusement.

25 March|Jodhpur

Commemorate Holi at an imperial genealogical home, with heritage musicians playing in the background. Additionally, you can delight in Indian and Rajasthani street food paired with signature alcoholic drinks. So, join the vibrant procession via Jodhpur’s roads, complied with by a lively road event hosted by the city and its citizens, including Jodhpuri sherbat, thandai, and Indian sweets. Not to mention, the grand farewell at another royal’s home consists of typical family recipes. The night proceeds with music and beverages, developing a captivating atmosphere, adhered to by a DJ-led after-party for a night of continuous dance and entertainment. Hence, prepare yourself for a remarkable experience!

24 MarchOsianA vibrant desert pool party with DJ defeats Color Me Pink’ cocktails and delicious snacks Captivating Holika burning routine led by priests Dinner with band songs, shocks, and late-night fun at Reggie’s Jazz Bar
25 MarchJodhpurHoli parties at a royal ancestral home with heritage musicians Indian and Rajasthani street food Hosted trademark alcoholic drinks Lively procession through Jodhpur’s roads Dynamic street celebration featuring Jodhpuri sherbat, thandai, and Indian sweets Grand farewell with genuine family members dishes at another royal’s home Music, beverages, and a captivating environment with a DJ-led after-party for continuous dance and fun.
Jodhpur Jazz Safari Events

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So, this is all the info you require to learn about the upcoming Jodhpur Jazz Safari 2024. We have supplied all the information regarding this huge festival, including programs, what you will see and learn, and how to arrive, so you will certainly not have any kind of trouble when you get here. So, plan your trip now and get ready to repaint Holi in shades you never pictured while submersing on your own in the charm of Rajasthan’s abundant culture. Lastly, for more details on these sorts of upcoming occasions and other most recent news, you can remain in touch with AskUpdates.


1. What is The Jodhpur Jazz Safari 2024?
It is a two-day occasion in Rajasthan that integrates jazz music, heritage expedition, and Holi events.

2. When and where does the event happen?
The safari takes place between Jodhpur and Osian, Rajasthan, from March 24 to March 25.

3. What are the highlights of the safari?
Emphasizes include the Holika burning event in Osian, efficiencies by typical Rajasthani artists, and excursions to archaeological sites.

4. What activities are prepared for each day?
The schedule consists of desert swimming pool celebrations, Holika burning rituals, road events, and musical efficiencies.

5. Is any kind of regional transport available?
Yes, taxis, vehicle rickshaws, and rental vehicles are available for regional transport in Jodhpur.

6. Is any kind of regional transport available?
Yes, taxis, vehicle rickshaws, and rental vehicles are available for regional transport in Jodhpur.

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