Iphone 16 Pro Release Date: What Can You Expect From This New Phone?

IPhone 16 Pro Release Date: As the iPhone 15 series is no longer new, it is time to look forward to the next chapter in the iPhone saga: the iPhone 16 series, which will undoubtedly arrive in September 2024. Besides that, the iPhone 16 series, like most previous lineups, will include four iPhone models: the iPhone 16, the iPhone 16 Plus, the iPhone 16 Pro, and the iPhone 16 Pro Max. In fact, early rumours suggest that the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max will have larger displays, as well as a “Capture” button.

Of course, there is much more to learn about the iPhone 16 generation, such as design and functionality changes that may benefit all potential iPhone 16 users. That is why this post will compile all of the most recent iPhone 16 rumours and information, including any leaked pricing, release date, specifications, and new features.

IPhone 16 Release Date

● iPhone 16 announcement date: September 10, 2024 (Tuesday)*
● Pre-orders for the iPhone 16 will begin on September 13, 2024 (Friday).

●Release date for the iPhone 16: September 20, 2024 (Friday)

i phone 16

IPhone 16 Price

● The iPhone 16 costs between $799 and $899.

● The iPhone 16 Plus costs between $899 and $999.

● IPhone 16 Pro costs between $999 and $1,099.

● The iPhone 16 Pro Max ranges in price from $1,199 to $1,299.

IPhone 16 Series Camera (Expected)

IPhone 16 camera: No significant changes

Primary: 48MP
Ultra-wide: 12MP

IPhone 16 Plus camera: Nothing groundbreaking expected

Main: 48MP
Ultra-wide: 12MP

The camera on the iPhone 16 Pro: A 5X telephoto lens and a new 48MP ultra-wide lens are possible additions

Primary: 48MP 24mm
Ultra-wide: 48MP 13mm
Telephoto: 12MP 5X 120mm

IPhone 16 Pro Max camera: New 48MP ultra-wide lens and possibly longer zoom

● Main: 48MP 24mm
● Ultra-wide: 48MP 13mm
● Telephoto: 12MP 5X 120mm

IPhone 16 Storage (Expected)

IPhone 16/iPhone 16 Plus anticipated storage capacities

128 GB
256 GB
512 GB

IPhone 16 Pro/iPhone 16 Pro Max anticipated storage capacities

128GB (iPhone 16 Pro only)
256 GB
512 GB
1 TB

IPhone 16 Design

● IPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus feature a new capacitive “Capture” button, an Action Button, and a vertical rear camera placement.
● IPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max: New capacitive “Capture” button, enhanced internal design, better thermal management, and larger displays with fewer bezels


IPhone 16 Screen Dimensions (Speculation)

● IPhone 16 – 6.1 inches
● IPhone 16 Plus – 6.7 inches
● IPhone 16 Pro – 6.3 inches
● IPhone 16 Pro Max – 6.9 inches

IPhone 16 Display

● IPhone 16: 6.12-inch display (no changes from iPhone 15)
● IPhone 16 Plus has a 6.69-inch display (the same as the iPhone 15 Plus).
● IPhone 16 Pro: 6.27-inch display (compared to 6.12-inch on iPhone 15 Pro)
● IOS 16 Pro Max: 6.86-inch screen (as opposed to 6.69-inch on iPhone 15 Pro Max)

IPhone 16 Software and Features

● IOS 18 out of the box, with software support for at least five years

Should I Hold Off Until The IPhone 16 Comes Out?

If you have not upgraded in a while and are still using an older iPhone, you should wait for the iPhone 16. In contrast, you should not wait for the iPhone 16 if you recently purchased a new phone (iPhone or otherwise) and are perfectly content with using it for several years. So, if you have an iPhone 12, you could probably wait because this phone has some major improvements. On the other hand, if you have an iPhone 15, 14, or 13, you should probably wait before upgrading.

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