Dunki OTT Release Date : शाहरुख खान की डंकी इस दिन आयेगी OTT पर

Dunki is a fun to watch as it has the duo of immense comedy-drama. It’s well predicted that Dunki OTT Release Date is going to ignite our audience. With director Rajkumar Hirani, Shahrukh Khan and Tapsee Pannu starrer this film hit the theaters on 21 December 2023. It is well estimated that Dunki is going to release at OTT platform on February 14, 2024. However, there’s no official announcement regarding this OTT release. Rajkumar Hirani has already given Blockbuster hits including 3 Idiots to our Bollywood Cinema.

Exclusive Insights into Dunki

Dunki already created a buzz on its release. The movie was on ‘Donkey Flights’ which is an illegal way of immigration. The cast of this movie includes superstar Shahrukh Khan, Boman Irani, Vicky Kaushal and Tapsee Pannu. In this movie all the characters have in their mind to go out of the country for their respective reasons. Additionally, they make a lot of possible efforts to reach their goal but in the end fail in whatever they undertake. Therefore, they opt for the ‘Donkey Flights’ route in order to reach their destination and ultimately, they even become successful in this.

Dunki Box Office Collection

Dunki Box Office Collection is Rs 29.20 Crore. In total this movie collected over Rs 470 Crores. This movie is the sixth highest collecting Indian film of the year 2023 and eighth highest collecting Indian film of year 2023. Audience is eagerly waiting for the Dunki OTT release date.

Dunki Star Cast

Dunki Star Cast includes the star cast that are briefly given along with their respective roles.

Shahrukh Khan as Hardayal Singh Dhillon
Tapsee Pannu as Manu Randhawa
Amardeep Jha as Manu’s Mother
Anil Grover as Balli Kakkad
Vicky Kaushal as Sukhi
Vikram Kochhar as Buggu Lakhanpal
Boman Irani as Geetu Gulati
Jeremy Wheeler as British Judge

Along with these characters the producers include Rajkumar Hirani, Gauri Khan and a co-producer Sahil Khosla.

Dunki Review

According to The Hindu, this movie is the first ever collaboration of Shahrukh Khan with movie maker Rajkumar Hirani. This movie gives a message regarding social concern and that is commendable. But the spontaneity that the audience appraises in a movie count as its drawback. Additionally, the same technique of storytelling and no new technique has been undertaken.

According to Times of India, critics rating for Dunki review are 4 out of 5. Dunki is all and all a complete entertaining package that involves romance and ultimately getting back to your original roots. Correspondingly in this movie ‘Donkey Flights’ route followed by all the characters in order to reach their destination and ultimately, they even become successful in this.

According to Indian Express, the movie bagged one and a half stars and called it a complete boring collaboration of Shahrukh Khan and Rajkumar Hirani. Moreover, fans of Shahrukh Khan also didn’t give nice reviews for this movie.

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To sum it up, if you are going for Dunki OTT Release Date, then you will notice that it’s a one-time movie worth watching. As a matter of fact, go and watch this movie on the OTT platform if you have missed watching it out in theaters. AskUpdates provides us with such igniting news and updates going on in trend. Website provides information that relates to Bollywood, movies, television, web series, etc.

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