Explore the Beauty of Dravyavati Botanical Garden Jaipur 2024

Welcome to the rich city of Jaipur, where past, culture, and nature twist seamlessly. Among the myriad attractions that Jaipur offers, the Dravyavati Botanical Garden stands out as a haven for nature enthusiasts and those seeking solace amidst lush greenery. In this blog, we’ll delve into everything you need to know about this enchanting Dravyavati Botanical Park Jaipur, from its timings to ticket details.

About Dravyavati Botanical Garden Jaipur

Positioned near Bambala Bridge, Pratap Nagar at Sitapura enterprise zone of Jaipur, Dravyavati Botanical Garden is a much less uncovered location in Jaipur and many Jaipurians don’t learn about this location which gives a Lovely sight of Dravyavati River Network. Arboretum Jaipur has been made under the Dravyavati River task and created by the distinguished Tata Job Limited.

The garden is Tidy and well-maintained and it’s unsubstantiated that it remains in the centre of a hectic metropolitan area, you will just feel like you are not in Jaipur after going into the park. you will see a Laser yard, an Ayurveda Yard, a Labyrinth, a butterfly garden, a Night Garden, a Tropical Garden, a Green Home Yard, and a Food court, The park is best for returning to nature and the garden will calm your spirit with every action. So quickly see this Dravyavati botanical garden and enjoy this place there is entertainment for any age group in this arboretum, See for expertise or just for enjoyment.

Dravyavati Botanical Garden Much More Details

  • There are more than 1300 varieties of plants in this garden and you will certainly see around 40 thousand plants in this arboretum.
  • Several of the plants at this arboretum are such that you won’t discover them anywhere else in Jaipur some plant types have also been obtained from other areas like Bengaluru Karnataka, Calcutta, J&K, Uttarakhand, Chennai & from Pune.
  • This Organic park is spread over a large area approximately 8 acres.
  • There are 10 various areas based upon the classification of plants in this Dravyavati Botanical Park.
  • Every plant has its name written there, so it benefits everybody to know its name and its significance. visit and discover the new range of plant species.
  • A great sitting centre is available around the park.
  • This much-awaited herb theme park is the last of the 3 parks that were completed under the Dravyavati River task.
  • This task was planned by the previous state government yet because of the change in the state-federal government a little much less interest was offered to this task, Yet in the upcoming time this park will certainly get the limelight and this blog will certainly little contribute to it.

Dravyavati Botanical Garden Ticket Price

No ticket is needed to visit this park, just bring your Aadhar card. you will certainly need to reveal it to guards while getting in.

Dravyavati Botanical Garden Timings

Friday5:00 am – 6:00 pm
Saturday5:00 am – 6:00 pm
Sunday5:00 am – 6:00 pm
Monday5:00 am – 6:00 pm
Tuesday5:00 am – 6:00 pm
Wednesday5:00 am – 6:00 pm
Thursday5:00 am – 6:00 pm
Botanical Garden Jaipur Timings

Tourist Attractions of Dravyavati Botanical Garden

The Dravyavati Botanical Garden has lots of attractions that make it one of the best gardens in Jaipur and all tourist attractions are listed below.

  • A Butterfly garden is available there which is best if you want to take pictures for Instagram.
  • A laser show is held below and the whole area for resting is made around the laser program.
  • A plant baby room exists to avoid plants from straight sunshine.
  • A puzzle garden is likewise there, you have to start from one factor and have to appear from one more point.
  • Greenhouses are offered there, season plants are kept in this greenhouse to provide a modest temperature.
  • To even more improve the elegance of this botanical garden a swimming pool has likewise been made here.
  • The organic park likewise consists of a kids’ play area.
  • Bonsai Garden will also be opened soon in the arboretum Jaipur.
  • A 900-meter-long walking and cycling track is additionally offered in this agricultural park.
  • A bridge is likewise existing there, If you want a far better view of the Dravyavati River after that you can use this bridge.
  • The park also has a food court, it’s not operational right now but you can still have a look at the food court. There are 6 shops on each side of the food court. This food court has been created in a very scheduled fashion the seating arrangement is spread over a big location.
  • The Herb park has uncountable species of plants several of them are lotuses, cacti, snake plants, china hands, china increased, osteoclast plants and Morpankhi, unique and local plants, various varieties of water plants and likewise xerophyte plants.

Best Time To Visit Dravyavati Botanical Garden

The best time to go to Jaipur Arboretum is the downpour period when all the plants there are at their greatest degree of greenery, and you can additionally go in the winter.

If you wish to see vibrant plants with gorgeous climate after that visit during the springtime season or in the fall period.

Location Botanical Garden Jaipur

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How To Rech

The Dravyavati Botanical Garden is located in the middle of the city area, so it’s extremely convenient right here.

You can take an e-rikshaw from any type corner of Jaipur and can get to below this arboretum. Do not forget to offer instructions towards the botanical garden to the rikshaw chauffeur since it’s a very much less prominent location in Jaipur.

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Distance from

Jaipur Junction: It is positioned at a distance of 18 kilometres from Jaipur Joint which will need regarding 33 minutes to get to here.

Jaipur Flight terminal: It is situated at a distance of 8 kilometres from Jaipur International Airport terminal which will certainly call for concerning 18 minutes to reach right here.

Sindhi camp: It is positioned at a distance of 21 kilometres from the Sindhi camp bus stand which will certainly require 40 mins to get to here.

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