Uncovering the Chai Sutta Bar Franchise Cost in India: A Comprehensive Guide

Many who are interested in starting a tea business want to know about the Chai Sutta bar franchise cost in India. India’s Chai Sutta bar, which was discovered in 2016, is a tea business that is growing quickly. However, the objective of Chai Sutta Bar is to unite the health advantage of kulhad with India’s highly popular beverage Chai. Therefore, it originates from Madhya Pradesh’s metropolis and is popular for both its distinctive and top-notch service.

For someone searching for a little investment, a CSB franchise might serve as a secondary source of income. Anyone with a low-key investment, a CSB franchise shop because the CSB franchise is easy to operate. However, the franchise amount of Chai Sutta Bar is not much costlier as well. In all of its Chai franchise business, the Chai Sutta Bar menu offers the same delicious chai in a setting that lifts the taste to a deluxe experience. Let’s first acknowledge why the Chai business is so popular in India.

Why is Chai Business So Popular in India?

In India Tea is reputed as the perfect beverage to accompany a variety of events.
However, without any doubt, you will witness Chaivala’s warming a hot masala chai for their customers if you take a step downstairs in any Indian neighbourhood.

The most famous and loved beverage in India is Tea, where 837000 tones are used yearly.

In the initial years, the tea cafe industry gained investors’ attention as more urban consumers with higher disposable means began to purchase branded cups of hot beverages.

Nearly 88% of all Indian families reported drinking tea, as per the survey done by the Tea Board of India.

Overall around 64% of the total population in India drinks Tea.

Therefore Tea business provides great financial opportunities in India. This is the prime reason why so many of us are interested to know about the franchise cost of Chai Sutta Bar.

What makes the Chai Sutta Bar Franchise Appealing?

Very little capex, greater returns
Complete brand operational and marketing assistance
A thorough supply chain ecosystem, that supports vendors, the sales tech, logistics, and personnel
Brand Reliability
Greater profitability, affordable infrastructure, and different investment models for great geographical reach.

The CSB Founders and Owners

The Chai Sutta Bar franchise owner are three young Indians.
The director Co-founder Mr Anand Nayak
The director Co-founder Mr Anubhav Dubey
The managing director Mr Rahul Gothi takes care of all the operations.

The CSB plans to be in every growing city and has stores with a Bar franchise in India, as well as abroad like Canada the UK, the USA, Dubai, and Muscat whose numbers are increasing. Anubhav the co-founder carried off from friends to fund the initial capital cost of opening a bar in India of a basic 2 lakhs. Their turnover from 3 lakh cups per day across the outlets is worth over 100 crores, with the CSB net worth increasing by Rs 50 crore.

Chai Sutta Bar Franchise Details

Chai Sutta Bar Franchise price starts from 16 Lakhs, the franchisers expect a quick 15-month payback period and an average of 90,000 pm returns every month. However, that is a smart strategy and even takes a low-born tea to a branded international level while advertising Indian artisans, shrinking plastic, and displaying Indian culture.


CSB needs a strong financial backup and the ability to invest from 16 to 20 Lakhs.


The occurrence of the company or executive is as follows. The Chai Sutta bar owner needs suitable years of experience in the food service industry through the franchise agreement providing support and training. It also requires a skilled company or owner to run the day-to-day business operations efficiently.

How to Apply for the Chai Sutta Franchise?

Chai Sutta Bar franchise apply includes the following steps
Visit the Chai Sutta Bar formal website. if you are keen on a franchise.
You will discover a franchise form once you reach on this page.
From there you can sew up, the Chai Sutta Bar franchise application.
Complete the form with all the needed information as requested.
You will come by a thank you message after providing all the details. However, if you are hand–picked the franchise team will contact you and they will tell you in the message.


Here we have brought you all the information regarding the business model of Chai Sutta Bar. However, the CSB saga is from rags to riches and from huge hard work to success.
Therefore, with ample effort and strategy in entrepreneurship, one can make it to a successful business. Chai Sutta Bar’s offer is exciting, profitable, lavish, and attractive. Follow the above-mentioned tips to start your Chai Sutta Bar franchise. And for more such updates stay tuned to our website AskUpdates

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