Budget 2024 India: What to Expect and How it Will Impact the Economy

As we are heading towards February 2024, our eyes are all waiting for a Union Budget 2024 India by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman. In fact, this budget is not going to bring any big changes, but we will be aware of the financial strategies.

Budget 2024 Expectations

Coming to Budget 2024 expectations, a lot of improvisation is necessary. For example, they are in the following fields, which we have reviewed in brief.

  • Insurance sector
  • Inflation- The Most Talked About Topic
  • Rural healthcare
  • Salaried Employees
  • Reduction in GST on Steel, Aluminum and Cement Materials
  • Real Estate
  • Education Sector
  • Gaming sector
  • Green Energy Sector
  • Auto Mobile Sector

Insurance Sector

The insurance sector is also projecting potential adjustments that may result from the shift in financial tactics. Likewise, let us consider the insurance industry, including changes to regulations and tax laws.

Following are the fields in which we are going to experience amendments.

  • Tax uniformity for retirement schemes.
  • Term Life Insurance deductions
  • Legal Amendments and advancements in technology.
  • Making insurance applicable to everyone
  • Tax benefits in health insurance schemes.

Inflation-The Most Discussed Subject

Inflation has risen to its peak and in order to tackle it, measures are necessary. As LokSabha elections are heading, therefore, more focus is on social welfare and providing relief to the poor from inflation. Hence, Budget 2024 India key areas will be rural development, supporting women, and farming to help people who are struggling with inflation.

Following are the fields in which we are going to experience amendments

  • PradhanMantri Jan DhanYojana (PMJDY)
  • PradhanMantriAwasYojana (PMAY)
  • National Social Assistance Programme (NSAP)

Rural Healthcare

Several problems regarding viability, transportation and nearness are common for rural people. In fact, for rural people, their health is facing a drawback as they have to go out of town to get medical incentives. Coming to Budget 2024 Expectations, this is an igniting topic.

A Call to Reduce GST on Steel, Aluminium, and Cement Materials

The increase in the prices of such raw materials has led to great difficulty. However, such a rise has caused housing properties to rise in price, as raw materials are very expensive nowadays. Not to mention, if the government encourages the production of such materials domestically, then there will be more employment opportunities.

Following are the fields in which we are going to experience amendments

  • Companies that use eco-friendly practices and adhere to favourable norms will receive incentives.
  • The companies will cover the costs of research and development to make sure they are not dispersing pollution.

Salaried Employees Demand

The government will prioritize salaried staff in its budget for 2024. If we take a look at countries like Hong Kong, Sri Lanka and Singapore, these countries have favourable tax rates for salaried staff. Following are the fields in which we are going to experience the amendments.

  • Salaries are going to increase in a positive way.
  • In terms of taxes, they are comparatively high right now, and people might have to pay for them.

Real Estate Sector Demand

Real estate developers and contractors will both benefit from meeting their demands. So, the following are the fields where we will see changes.

  • Reducing real estate costs can improve supply chain transparency by allowing tax credits for raw materials used in construction.
  • The goal is to persuade financial institutions to provide financial incentives to contractors and real estate developers.

Education Sector Demand

The success of this industry will benefit not only the industry itself but the entire country. It is because students are the future builders. Thus, let’s have a glance over the amendments required in Budget 2024 India.

An alignment between capital expenditure and investment in human resources is necessary to close the gaps in the current educational system.
Urgent requirement for improved fiscal support.

Gaming Sector

To support their growth and expansion plans, the gaming industry looks for financial incentives like tax breaks and subsidies. Moreover, the creators anticipate that more esports-related activities will shift from a 28 percent slab to an 18 percent slab.

Green Energy Sector

The government may reintroduce the Approved List of Models and Manufacturers (ALMM) in order to promote competition and innovation in the solar industry, even though there will be a focus on increasing distributed renewable energy capacities.
There is an exception the 2024 budget may include a proposal for viability gap funding for offshore wind projects.

Auto Mobile Sector

The automobile industry hopes that better infrastructure, consistent policies, and last-mile connectivity will help boost growth.
The Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) anticipates no significant policy changes, while electric vehicle stakeholders prefer support for sustainable technologies.
The sector is looking for updates on schemes such as FAME 3, lower GST on lithium-ion batteries, production-linked incentives, and lower GST on entry-level internal combustion engine two-wheelers.

Budget 2024 Date

The date that everyone is anticipating, February 1, 2024, is when Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will deliver the budget. In terms of the budget’s structure, it includes the government’s projected receipts and outlays for every sector. In short, common people expect the upcoming budget to meet their needs.

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To sum it up, one can make out that a lot of changes are necessary in the ongoing budget, and then only our Budget 2024 India will come out in a perfect manner. These are the important fields in which such changes are necessary. Finally, Askupdates is an aspirational website that provides news from around the world. In like manner, one can enjoy sweet scoops from the fields of Health and Fitness, Entertainment.


1. When is the Budget 2024 date?

The Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will deliver the last Budget of the Narendra Modi administration on February 1, 2024.

2. What are the primary fiscal issues that the budget must address?

The budget should address stagflation (high inflation and slow economic growth). This may include measures to control inflation, stimulate growth, and create jobs.

3. How many categories does the budget fall into?

The capital budget and the revenue budget make up India’s two budgetary sections.

4. Will there be any relief for the middle class facing rising costs?

It is difficult to say, but potential measures include raising income tax brackets, expanding tax exemptions, or lowering certain taxes. However, specifics will depend on the budget proposals.

5. Will the government launch any programs to safeguard the environment and promote clean energy?

The budget may include measures that promote renewable energy and address environmental concerns, aligning with the focus on a green economy.

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