The 12th Fail OTT Released! Know When and Where to Look

The 12th Fail is a popular Bollywood film released in theatres on October 27, 2023. Vikrant Massey plays Manoj Kumar Sharma, an IPS officer, in the eagerly awaited movie. The director is Vidhu Vinod Chopra. However, the movie tells the true story of Manoj Kumar and Shraddha Joshi, an IRS officer. And 12th Fail, which had a great run at the box office, is about to launch on digital and over-the-top platforms.

OTT Release Date

12th Fail OTT Release on Disney+Hotstar from December 29, 2023, after its successful run at cinemas. On the other hand, the platform posted an announcement about the news on their official Instagram handle, saying, “Ending the year with Manoj Kumar Sharma’s tale of undying perseverance #12th fail now streaming.” The movie is now prepared for OTT release, two months after its initial release.

About 12th Fail

The 12th Fail story is taken from AnuragPathak’s bestselling novel of the same name. Moreover, the lives of IPS officer Manoj Kumar Sharma and his spouse, IRS officer Shraddha Joshi, served as the basis for the film. Likewise, the narrative centres on a man who drops out of the 12th grade. But out of love, he shows up for the civil examination and passes the UPSC. In addition to them, PriyanshuChatterjee, AnshumanPushkar, and Anant V Joshi all have significant roles.

Collection of 12th Fail

Vidhu Vinod Chopra directed the movie, which had its theatrical premiere on October 27 in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada. In fact, the 12th Fail Collection grossed approximately Rs 50.68 crore at the Indian box office. Therefore, it was made on a budget of Rs 20 crore, and the movie earned a total of Rs 62 crore at the worldwide box office.


12th Fail is a cinematic journey that skillfully navigates the complexities of academic failure, weaving a narrative that resonates with both humour and emotions. However, the film not only challenges but also celebrates self-discovery and resilience so watch this movie on Hotstar. The movie’s ability to blend entertainment with powerful messages makes it a must-watch for those seeking inspiration and a fresh perspective on life’s unpredictable journey. We hope that you find all of this information helpful. We know the significance of keeping up with the most recent national news. Finally, visit Askupdates for the latest updates on upcoming movies, web series, recent news, fashion trends, and many more.

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